In the St. Catherine hospital we apply the latest technologies and methods of treatment in cooperation with the leading European and American institutions and experts.

Specialty Hospital St. Catherine gathers eminent Croatian experts in the field of registered activities as a guarantee to provide top-quality medical services to our patients.
St. Catherine Hospital is specific in its concept of professional and technical uniformity. Professional teams of radiology, orthopedics, surgery, anesthesiology, neurology and physical therapy use a multidisciplinary approach to provide top quality diagnostics in one place.  Therapeutic procedures are using the latest equipment and personalized rehabilitation offers the latest treatment options.
To every patient that is a guarantee for the fastest and least painful return to everyday life with a top quality solution of health problems.
St. Catherine Hospital has 6 special-consulting clinics, radiological diagnostics, 5 operating rooms, postoperative unit control with 4 beds, orthopedic ward with 14 beds and a daily hospital for the purpose of one-day surgery with 5 beds.