The magnetic resonance imaging scanner in St. Catherine Hospital is characterized by a unique combination of the main magnet and leading gradients technology, making it the first and only MRI device of its kind in Croatia, which together with the revolutionary technique of collecting the image brings invaluable benefits: high diagnostic reliability thanks to excellent homogeneity of the magnetic field and a number of integrated systems required for getting quality images in high spatial resolution, and short scan time owing to strong gradients, with simultaneous comfort, accuracy and scanning speed thanks to A Tim technology of latest generation of computer software and high-resolution coils that further enhance processing and image sharpness, possibility of using a large scanning field from 5 to as much as 205 cm, which is important for scanning of blood vessels and the whole patient body; for most scans is not necessary that the patient’s head first enters the device.

These characteristics of the device are of great importance for a success of the diagnostic procedure, especially in restless patients: young children and individuals suffering from some form of claustrophobia. In case of need scans can be done under anaesthesia.

Individualized approach to patients in the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, top team of experienced physicians, the latest equipment and methods of examination. Contact us with trust and have your diagnostic examination done quickly, professionally and affordably.

  • Magnetic resonance imaging with the most advanced equipment technology
  • Diagnostics with the dGEMRIC method
  • Ultrasound diagnostics
  • Ultrasound of children hips
  • The complete diagnostics in one place
  • Color Doppler of Abdomen/ Color Doppler of blood vessels
  • Contrast ultrasound of the liver