Our Vision

Achieving excellence in the provision of health care is the foundation of corporate culture and the vision of the St. Catherine hospital which pervades all aspects of our activities and efforts to provide diagnostic procedure in the highest professional standards.

Our Core Values

We believe that the driving force of our success is the total commitment and passion that we put into everything we do.

We are a team of professionals that strive for excellence in all aspects of our business. We have set the standards high and undertake all necessary steps to reach them.

We take our commitments with care and dedication. Everything we do, we do the way we said we would do.

In order to achieve our goals:

  • We will provide faster and more convenient access to care by increasing our capacity and improving how we work.
  • We will offer our patients the best service of our medical and technical experts, to ensure a personalized approach for the benefit of the patient.
  • We will continuously improve our services by accepting and encouraging suggestions and criticisms of our customers, patients and other partners, in order to maintain the high quality of our services.

Our approach and commitment to patients

Visiting health care facilities is almost never a pleasant experience, but we will always try to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and welcome. Our team of experts will treat you like they would treat a member of their family.

We will be accurate and we will carry out the medical examinations at the scheduled time.

Our team will warmly welcome you and will respect your beliefs and values.

We provide services to patients regardless of their race, gender, age, medical condition, marital status, nationality or ethnicity, religion or source of payment. We also made sure that our hospital is available to patients with mobility difficulties and patients with special needs.

Our team will take care of your safety and comfort at any time and will encourage you to participate in the review by providing comments or suggestions.

You have the right to refuse our services at any time, but we strongly encourage you to discuss your decisions with your physician, review the implications of such decisions, and possibly reconsider.

You have the right to privacy, all communications and records related to you and your review will be treated as confidential by the clinic staff.  The medical examinations will be done discreetly and in a way that protects your privacy as much as possible.

The staff of the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital will consider any of your requests fairly, compassionately and without a delay.


Commitments of the patient

Your cooperation is essential for performance of diagnostic procedures in a safe and a high quality way.

Collaborate and communicate with our team of experts. It is your right and responsibility to actively participate and request information about anything you do not understand before, during or after the medical examination.

Respect and understanding. It is your responsibility to respect the rights, privacy and confidentiality with regards to other patients.

Respect house rules.

Please immediately notify the staff of our hospital if you anticipate a delay or need to cancel your appointment.