Anesthesia can be:

  • General – with induced sleep of patients which blocks and reduces all the senses, including the sense of pain,
  • Regional – where all of the senses including the sensation of pain are blocked only in a certain region where the surgery is being performed. In doing so, the patient is usually awake or slightly sleepy (sedated).

The anesthesiologist will make a choice of anesthesia depending on the type of the operating or diagnostic procedure, the patient’s medical history and psychosomatic tolerance to pain and the upcoming procedure. During the preoperative examination anesthesiologist takes in consideration every patient’s discomfort, concern or fear, and according to them he modifies the way in what anesthesia will be performed.
Any form of anesthesia at the same time requires continuous monitoring of vital functions while maintaining internal and external homeostasis. This is possible due to top quality equipment. It makes anesthesiologists specialists in intensive medical care and treatment. They closely monitor recovery of the patient from anesthesia after the operation and prevent possible complications. They also enable a painless, safer and faster return to everyday life.
In the St. Catherine Hospital you can arrange:

  • Specialist examination in the Anesthesiology clinic
    During the interview with us while you are at the St. Catherine’s Anesthesiology clinic, feel free to ask and openly discuss any issue you are concerned about or think it might be important for the procedure, so that we can together come up with the best solution. Even less important data and / or information about your condition, habits, previous experience in anesthesia, as well as the answer to your questions, can be important information. Due to importance of a high quality preparation for anesthesia before the surgery at the St. Catherine hospital it is necessary to submit all previous medical records.
  • Specialist examination in the Clinic for pain treatment
    We provide individual multimodal approach to the treatment of acute and chronic pain in combination with regional analgesia according to the latest scientific publications.