The signing ceremony was attended by Damir Gojanović, President of IHC Medveščak Zagreb, team captain Andrew Murray and the player Mathieu Carle, Prof. Dragan Primorac, MD, PhD, Chairman of the Governing Council of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, Nevenka Kovač, MD, PhD, Director of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital and Ass. Lecturer Igor Borić, MD, PhD, Deputy Director of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital and the head of IHC Medveščak Zagreb medical team.

“I thank you for the opportunity to continue to use your services. Without you we would not have been able to get into the season. Partners like you enable the players to continue to play in the season in spite of injuries, and that is also very important for the club in financial terms. These kinds of things, such as this contract, are very important in a contact sport, in which players can suffer major injures during season. I’m glad we continued our cooperation, which was a success from the very first season”, said the President of Medveščak Damir Gojanović, and the head of Medveščak medical team, Ass. Lecturer Igor Boric, MD, PhD added:

“The successful cooperation between Medveščak and St .Catherine Hospital resulted in athletes being either well treated in our hospital, or the prevention ensured through our hospital being so good that the injures did not even occur. In my capacity as the head of ICH Medveščak medical team I did not decide to use the St. Catherine Hospital services as an employee of that hospital, but because in many years of experience in dealing with sports injuries I am well aware that the best teams and the best athletes need to have the best care. That is what St.Catherine Hospital can offer to them.”

St. Catherine Specialty is a European centre of excellence for modern diagnostics, spine surgery treatment of pain and sports medicine, with the most advanced diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation infrastructure. What distinguishes St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is their concept of professional and technical uniqueness, where their multidisciplinary approach allows one spot quality diagnostic, the best therapeutic-operating procedure and individually prepared rehabilitation. These are the excellences the Bears deserve.

“Mr. Gojanović showed that it is possible to live in Croatia and achieve the American dream. It’s fascinating. We at St. Catherine Hospital live the same story. When such stories unite, you have a terrific project that represents not only the Republic of Croatia, but also Europe in the large international market.

Medveščak has shown why they are really a great club that can bring the best players of the world. Wherever I travel around the world I emphasize Medveščak as a model of a great business enterprise, but one with a heart. Without a heart nothing can be done, and this is true also for success in any sport, “said the president of the Governing Council of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, Prof. Dragan Primorac, MD, PhD.

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is the only Croatian, and one of the few European institutions that were earlier this year in Berlin honoured with a prestigious award “The Leading Hospitals of the World”. In addition, the hospital is a teaching base of the Medical Faculty of the University of Split, Faculty of Medicine, University of Osijek and the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb, and collaborates with leading European and American clinics, and in only two years of existence has become a centre of treatment for top Croatian athletes from almost all sports, while the hospital doctors are leaders or members of the Croatian Olympic Committee medical teams, and also of a number of sports federations. Many famous athletes and winners of the world’s medals and competitions had the opportunity to see for themselves the excellence and quality of medical services in St. Catherine Hospital, and among them was the defender of Medveščak, Mathieu Carle.

“I was lucky to have worked with you. I was in great hands during the operation and all went well. I was impressed by the knowledge and technology the hospital can show. That is why I am delighted that the cooperation between my club and your hospital will continue and that we, the players, will get to enjoy your excellent care again.”

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